Hardware development

From idea or concept, through feasibility assessment, proof of concept, prototype, industrialization and transfer to ODMs

Electronic schematic design - Requirement collection
- Architecture definition and validation
- Analog, digital, mixed-signal, RF to 10 GHz
- MCU, MPU, FPGA SoC systems
- Power management/budget
- Pre- and post-design simulations
PCB Layout design and signal integrity - From 2 to 20+ layers
- Flex, rigid, other substrates, miniaturization
- Ultra-fine pitch BGAs and HDI
- From high-speed to ultra-low power
- Power Integrity and Signal Integrity calculations and simulations
Prototyping and commissioning - PCB fab file, remote vendor management
- PCBA assembly/test file, remote manufacturer management
- Design verification testing
- Prototype commissioning plan and report
- BOM optimization for pilot ramping

Software development

Embedded targets ranging from lower-end MCUs to complex application processors. Cross-platform mobile applications and PC GUIs

Embedded software development - From low-end 8-bit MCUs to complex 32-bit CISC and RISC application processors
- Xilinx and Altera FPGA platforms
- AI-specific code optimizations (neural networks, fuzzy, genetic algorithms)
- Medical to IEC62304
Mobile applications - Apps for Android, iOS or both (cross-platform development)
- Interface with external equipment via BLE, NFC, USB, Wi-Fi, others
- Secure networked/P2P communication
- Location-, time-, mobile context-aware
Instrumentation interface PC GUIs - Various GUI developments for control of external equipment (e.g. custom boards)
- Wealth of wireless and wireline interfaces
- Remote site process control (testing, validation, data collection and processing)
- UX optimization and ergonomics


Complementing hardware and software know-how with mechanical, thermal and optical capabilities for a complete product development skill set

Mechanical and industrial design - Concepts, shapes, renderings, materials
- Enclosures, packaging, full systems
- Design for rapid prototyping: SLA, FDM, silicon molding, modular molding, others
- Design adaption to volume builds: injection molding, die casting, etc.
Thermal analysis and simulation - Modelling for thermal
- Materials and flows
- Fan or fanless
- Custom heat sink development
- Active cooling
- Artificial aging and thermal cycling
Industrialization and transfer to ODMs - Optimization for production technologies
- Process map and process risk analysis
- System BOM cost minimization
- Assistance in regulatory compliance
- Device Master Record completion and handover to ODM