Legacy industrial products

Far East made wire cut EDM, die sink EDM, electrical discharge saws (EDS), consumables, linear optical encoders, specialty electrical motors and drives

Wire cut electrical discharge machines - Medium speed, reusable Mo wire-based
- Windows-based CNC control block
- Travels from 300x400 to ~2000x1500 mm
- Workpiece thickness up to 500 mm
- Micron roughness, speed to 200mm2/min
- 5 axes: wire bending to +/-30deg
Die sink/drill electrical discharge machines - ZNC- or full CNC-based
- Smallest workspace 450×350×300 mm
- Largest workspace 1500x800x600 mm
- Workpiece to 8 t, electrode to 300kg
- EDM drilling also available - for precision holes with > 60:1 depth/diameter ratio
Electrical discharge saw - Cutting travels to 1200mm
- Table sizes: 800x2000 to 1200x2500mm
- Cutting speeds to 1800mm2/min
- Machining currents to 1000 A
- Original Siemens controller
- 10x productivity over traditional band saws
Consumables for electro-errosion - Spare parts for wire cut and die sink EDMs
- Molibdenum and brass cutting wire
- Working fluids (de-ionizing resins)
- EDM drilling electrodes
- Flame-retardant high molecular weight silicone polymers
Linear encoders and display meters - 2-, 3- and 4-axis display meters
- wide variety of optical linear encoders (grating scales) from standard for machine tools to slim profile for instrumentation
- measuring travels: 50 mm to 100 m (!)
- 0.1, 0.5 and 1 um accuracy ranges
Specialty motors and drives - Spindle, stepper, AC servo/asynchronous
- New technologies: permanent magnet, switched reluctance, hybrid
- High torque/size, matching gear reducers
- For EVs, mobile robots, UAVs, etc.
- Electro-pneumatic and electro-hydraulic drives