Fluid   (adjective):
1. graceful and continuing without any pauses or sudden changes
2. likely to change

Imagineering   (noun, from "imagination" and "engineering"):
The activity of devising and implementing new or highly imaginative concepts, creative ideas or technologies in practical form.

Our Value Proposition

Letting You focus on Your core competence ... ours is product development!


Superior experience: senior engineers with prior history in a wide variety of applications: networking, automotive, renewable energy, security, IoT, data storage, telecom, sensors, medical devices, artificial intelligence

Lifecycle Management

The unique capability to be walking by our customer’s side from proof of concept through prototype, pilot, regulatory qualification, market launch, production runs and post-sale support.


Available to tackle projects as a self-managed remote team and interface with our customers at checkpoints. Available just as well to complement customer resources and be part of their or multi-tier teams.

Program Management

Proactive (not just reactive) Program Management, project planning and workflow, resource optimization, cross-functional team lead, communication matrix, budget control, fault management, CAPA.


European- and US culturally compatible team at a fraction of the cost. Serving and respecting customers from all industries and walks of life and innately thriving on interculturalism. 4-continent business acumen.


We see transparent, proactive and consistent communication as the key to maximize project success and minimize risks. We know we and our customers really are in the same boat - and we act as such all throughout.

Cost Optimization

Design to cost (Electronic, Mechanical, Optical, Thermal) and BOM optimization. Industrialization and transfer to ODMs, with the capability to select proven processes and technologies leading to cost minimization.

Risk analysis

Capability to assess both business and technical risks – robust mitigation thereof. dFMEA, pFMEA, residual risk, sensitivity and risk-benefit analyses. An understanding of when robust is better than optimal and vice-versa.


Flexible cost models: from time and material to per-project pricing or per milestone billing. If applicable, will run feasibility studies, demonstrate requirements vs. preferred implementations - and only then issue a full project quote.